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Tristana’s Ears | Cosplay Write-Up | League of Legends

I have a personal goal to cosplay all the yordles from League of Legends. I’ve made costumes for 3—Classic Teemo, Pool Party Lulu, and Final Boss Veigar. Tristana is such a bad-ass yordle that she was naturally next on my list.

These ears were specifically made for the Rocket Girl Tristana skin (reworked version), but can easily be altered to fit your cosplay needs.


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Final Boss Veigar Cosplay Photoshoot | Behind The Scenes | League of Legends

Hi all! I did a photoshoot with Nathan this past weekend for my Final Boss Veigar cosplay.

This is a cosplay I wore to Summoners Con 2015, but I never got a chance to do a proper photoshoot…until now!

Watch the BTS goodness:

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