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Choosing A Character | Cosplay Basics

Choosing a character to cosplay may seem like an easy step, but everyone now and then we can get stuck, especially if this is your first cosplay. Here are some tips and tricks you can use if you find yourself unable to choose a character.

What video games, anime, manga are you currently loving/passionate about?

The most obvious step is to think about characters your are most passionate about! Though its not necessary, choosing a character you love can be a motivating factor in keeping your cosplay going! Think about video games, T.V. show, anime, manga, comic books you’ve recently indulged in to help narrow down what characters you’d like to cosplay.

Still too many characters to choose from? When do you plan to debut the costume? How much time do you have to build the costume?

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How To Start Cosplaying | Cosplay Basics

Cosplay. It’s fun, creative, and a great hobby to express your love for a favorite fandom. If you are thinking about cosplaying, but don’t know where to start here are some guidelines that can help motivate you to jump into this hobby.

A video version of this post can be watched below:

If, however, you prefer a written version keep reading below!

#1. Ask yourself “What do you want to get out of cosplaying? What are your goals?”

Whether it’s to improve a skill, meet new people, look badass at a convention, or simply to contribute to a fandom. Ask yourself why you want to start cosplaying. Remember(!) cosplay is suppose to be fun. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, but having a goal to strive towards can be motivating in and of itself.

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Becoming MC Makeup (Mystic Messenger) | Basic Cosplay Makeup

Recently, I’ve been obsessed with the mobile game Mystic Messenger. I’ll admit I had my reservations at first (I was never really one to play a dating game in the past), but I’m actually really intrigued by the story and character development!

As of writing this, I’ve finished Zen and Jumin’s endings. I plan on working on Yoosung, Jaehee, and finally 707 story lines next.

To help feed this obsession, I put together a quick cosplay tutorial on how I created my makeup look for MC. The greatest part about this look is that it can be applied to any anime character that has a natural look. Feel free to adjust the blush and lipstick colors to match your characters complexion. You can watch the tutorial below.

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