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Circle Lense Showcase – 2016 Collection

Hi everyone! One of my favorite parts of cosplay is circle lenses! It’s crazy how enlarging my eyes by a millimeter can make such a difference in my “kawaii-ness”. ^^

Many of my circle lenses that I used in 2016 are reaching the end of their shelf life, so I thought it would be useful to document how each of these circle lenses appeared on my eyes. For myself, I will use this as a guide to help  me determine which circle lenses I should re-purchase for any of my future cosplays that I pursue, I hope you find this to be a useful reference as well.

Below is a video showcasing my circle lenses of 2016:

Featured Lenses:

G&G GBT Sky Blue

G&G GBT Violet

G&G GBT Green

G&G Max Pure Grey

EOS Dolly Eye Brown

EOS Dolly Eye Green

Vassen Rainbow Eyes Brownish Hazel

Vassen Sakura Candy Brown

Vassen Sakura Candy Pink

Vassen Sakura Candy Blue

What are your favorite circle lenses? Favorite brands? Favorite places to purchase? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!





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Poro Cosplay Photoshoot | Behind-The-Scenes | League of Legends


My Poro Cosplay was my last cosplay I completed fully in 2016! I love how this cosplay turned out and I equally love the small park we found to take photos.

Go behind-the-scenes with me of my Poro photoshoot….

Photography is by Nathan Wong and editing was done by me. This photoshoot was one of my favorites! Personally, I feel like these are some of the best photos that I have ever edited. I even taught myself how to edit snow! 🙂

Below is the tutorial I used to edit snow into photos:

What effects do you enjoy adding into your photos?

❤ Shaina

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YouTube: shainadilla

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Becoming Poro (League of Legends) | Cosplay Makeup Timelapse

I hope everyone has had a nice start to 2017! 🙂

Looking back to 2016, my last completed cosplay was my Poro Cosplay from League of Legends. Check out how I put the makeup look together in the video below.

Watch Now:

List of Products Used:

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