Choosing A Character | Cosplay Basics

Choosing a character to cosplay may seem like an easy step, but everyone now and then we can get stuck, especially if this is your first cosplay. Here are some tips and tricks you can use if you find yourself unable to choose a character.

What video games, anime, manga are you currently loving/passionate about?

The most obvious step is to think about characters your are most passionate about! Though its not necessary, choosing a character you love can be a motivating factor in keeping your cosplay going! Think about video games, T.V. show, anime, manga, comic books you’ve recently indulged in to help narrow down what characters you’d like to cosplay.

Still too many characters to choose from? When do you plan to debut the costume? How much time do you have to build the costume?

Do you want to debut your costume in a few months or 2 weeks? Logically speaking, more complicated costumes will require more time, while more basic builds will take less. I find that a timeline of at least 3 months is enough time to start a new costume that requires learning a new skill (that is, it allows me to mess up a few times and still not be stressed out). However, if you only have 2 weeks or less. I’d opt for builds that don’t require learning too many new skills and have elements that could easily be bought/thrifted.

Will you be wearing this costume to a convention? What type of convention/expo will you be attending?

Attending a comic con? Consider choosing a character from your favorite comic. While you don’t have to match your cosplay to the theme of the convention, it can be helpful in narrowing what genre you’d like to choose your cosplay from.

Narrowing it down even further…what are your cosplay goals? What character/character designs can help reach those goals?

Referring to my first tip in my How to Start Cosplaying article, it’s always good to reflect back on your cosplay goals. Did you want to learn a new skill, whether that be sewing pants, resin casting, or leveling up your wig styling game? Choose a character that incorporates these skills in their design. just be sure to leave yourself enough time to make mistakes when learning these new skills.

Make a list and re-evaluate it every few months.

I personally use the CosPlanner app and input any characters that I am loving at the time and possibly want to cosplay in the future. If, however, a few months pass and I find myself not motivated to cosplay that character anymore I’ll remove them from my list. Having a list of characters on hand that you’d like to cosplay is a useful tool, especially if you want to pick and choose characters based on what convention you are attending.

Hopefully you found these tips helpful! What was your last cosplay and how did you decide to cosplay that character?

❤ Shaina

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