Final Boss Veigar Makeup Walk Through | League of Legends


Starting with a clean face, I put on my wig cap and circle lenses. The circle lenses I am wearing are the EOS Dolly Eye Green lenses.

TIP: Be sure to moisturize and prime your skin so that the makeup applies smoothly.



For my interpretation of genderbend Veigar, I was going for an Evil Queen or Maleficent type of look.

I mixed in a slightly lighter foundation with my usual foundation to give my skin a fairer appearance. Using concealer, I covered up any blemishes and discoloration in my face.


I’ve learned when it comes to photography, contouring (and sometimes a lot of it) is necessary for ones features to look defined on camera. Sometimes I’ll feel like I’m wearing the heaviest face of makeup but in photos it looks like I’m wearing barely any!

Having said that, please don’t dump your face in liquid bronzer and remember blending is key!

For Veigar, I wanted my face to have a more angular look with defined cheek bones to keep in line with the Evil Queen/ Maleficent theme. My face is naturally very round, so contouring was needed to achieve those sharp features.


I started off by mapping where I wanted to contour with a cream bronzer, focusing mainly under my cheek bones, under my lower lip, and the sides of my nose. I then set the cream with a powder bronzer.

Highlighting was a similar process. I used a light concealer to map where I wanted to highlight on my face and then set that cream with a powder highlight. Areas where I focused my highlight were the bridge of my nose, above the upper lip, the high points of my cheek bones, and above each eyebrow.



Even though Veigar is pure evil (or at least tries to be!), he is still a yordle. So in addition to putting a light pink blush on the apples of my cheeks, I also added a smidge on my nose. In my head, I imagine all yordles to have pink little noses. 🙂



Alright, now here’s the good stuff. For my eyeshadow look, I primarily used shadows from the Naked 3 eyeshadow palette plush a good matte black eyeshadow and a medium warm brown shadow.


Using the shadow Factory I mapped out the shape and patted this color over my

With the shadow Darkside, I patted this color all over my lid and slightly above my crease.

Going in with the deeper shade, Blackheart, I patted this on my outer V.

Next, I took a matte black eyeshadow and patted this on the outer V as well to intensify the look.


To blend things out, I took a medium warm brown shadow and blended this on the border of the dark eyeshadow to liven my face up.

Then to help blend things further, I took a light eyeshadow similar to my skin color (in this case Strange form the Naked 3 pallet) and blended this over my eyebrow bone and the warm brown shadow with a fluffy brush.

I lined my waterline with a eyeliner pencil and then added a cat eye wing with a liquid eyeliner.

To finish things off, I curled my lashes, applied false lashes, and added a nice coat of mascara.

TIP: If there is any fallout under your eyes, you can clean this up by applying a little bit of concealer in the areas that have the fallout.


Tish & Snooky's MANIC PANIC N.Y.C. Kitten Colors Nosferatu Lethal Lipstick

I used Tish & Snooky’s MANIC PANIC black lipstick


Nothing screams evil like a dark lip. For my lips I applied a black lipstick all over my lips. To help set the lipstick, I applied some of the Blackheart eyeshadow over the top, focusing on the bottom center of my lips.

For a crisp lip line, I added concealer to cover up any lipstick smudges.


To seal the makeup, I sprayed a few pumps of Urban Decay’s All Nighter Lasting Finish Spray all over my face.

❤ Shaina




YouTube: shainadilla

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