Owari no Seraph Military Boots | Cosplay Tutorial


For Anime Expo this year, I plan to cosplay as Shinoa Hiragi from Owari no Seraph/Seraph of the End. One aspect of cosplay that can always be difficult is getting accurate shoes. Instead of spending $50 on eBay for replica boots, I decided to make my own. It’s a fairly simple process, especially if you have some old black boots lying around that you can use as the base.


– A pair of leather/faux leather knee high black boots
– Gold eyelets
– White bias tape
– Scissors
– Hot glue
– Gold paint
– Paint brush
– Leather whole punch (optional)

STEP 1: Clean boots and cut off any straps.

The boots I was using are an old pair that was getting no love in my closet, so I decided this was a good chance to save some money and upcycle them. These boots had some extra straps in the front so I cut them off to look more accurate to the ones in the anime.

STEP 2: Cut wholes and insert eyelets.


These military boots have four gold eyelets at the front of the boot. Cut four wholes so that your eyelets will fit through the whole. You can use a leather hole lunch or scissors to do this. Follow your eyelets instructions on how to adhere to the hole or if you are lazy like me just hot glue the eyelets in place. (^_^)

STEP 3: Add your white bias tape.


Measure the bias tape along top border of your boots, cut the appropriate length, and glue in place.

STEP 4: Paint the toe of the boots gold.


Paint the toe of the gold using a gold acrylic paint in an oval-like shape (refer to your reference photos!) I used about 2-3 coats of gold paint to achieve this look. If you like, you can weather the boots with black paint.


Now you have yourself some snazzy military boots, perfect for hunting down vampires.

❤ Shaina

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